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* Financial Statistics Research Group

* Post-doctoral researcher and RA positions available to study high-dimensional and high-frequency financial data.


*.Approaching Mean-Variance Efficiency for Large Portfolios, with Mengmeng Ao and Xinghua Zheng, Review of Financial Studies, to appear

*.A Univfied Approach to Volatility Estimation in the Presence of Both Rounding and Random Market Microstructure Noise, with Zhiyuan Zhang and Yichu Li, Journal of Econometrics, to appear

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*. The Magic of Lottery VS the Power of Mathematics (in Chinese, National First prize in the China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling (CUMCM) 2002), with Dejun Luo, Yong Zhang

*. Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of a Blood Vessel (in Chinese, National First prize in CUMCM 2001), with Xihan Mu, Yan Li


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